Illustrated Fiction on the Manatee River Story Time Bank

The Coked Out Toucan Groomer

Thirst for Daytona Beach nightlife under the pilot light of the sun.

Hollow as Legs

A story that dwells entirely in the premath of a zombie virus outbreak. In a nor’easter, on one night. Ploughs.

Black Beard: Sea of Sludge

Stoner pirate Odyssey. Grimey oceanic stench & incisors blacked out with charcoal.

Sabrina, the Manateenage Witch

A sixteen year old manatee finds out she’s a witch.

Seafoam Green

The poem explaining a Cape Cod gift shop clerk hunted by a creature with a mask of cellulite.

A North American Brown Bears Brief Stream of Consciousness

Brounabin awaits the results of his wife’s pregnancy test.

Low Mein

Rhode Island Shopping Plaza character-drama. Mountains of pork fried rice and orange glazed chicken. Pill ring/Tax Preparation. Small arms dealers driving practical fuel efficient sedans.

The Slums of Hawaii

Monstrous tiki headed things wear human business suits and complain about dead end jobs.